Printing and 3D milling for the industry

Snijtechniek Brabant has been a reputable name in the yacht- and shipping industry for decades. However, the past few years we have served many different industries aswell.

In recent year other industries contact us because they want a combination of 3D milling (collor) printing aluminium plates. We can do this for sizes up to 8.000 x 2.500, allowing many possibilities for many different industries.

Possibilities for 3D milling:

  • Five-axis simultaneous milling
  • Double curved molding
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Welding
  • Room milling
  • Pocket milling
  • Boring
  • 3D contours
  • Radius milling (hollow & bowl shape)
  • Lock milling
  • Clean sides
  • Smart connections
  • High Tolerance
  • No heat
  • No shrinking

For more information about our products and the possibilties for the industry, feel free to contact us.


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