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Snijtechniek-Brabant has been a reputable name in the industry for many years. Founded in 1991, the company specialises in the production of high quality building packages for the yacht and ship-building industry. In recent years we have expanded our field of work, for example in architecture and even art objects.

To meet demand from the (national and international) market, an expansion of both the equipment range and the location very quickly became necessary. Our modern machine fleet has grown steadily since then, and now comprises 7 different machines which are operated by a professional and experienced team. 

The location at Forellenweg 6 in Raamsdonksveer was recently extended and now offers a workshop of over 4000 m2 which allows - as well as the diverse machine fleet - extensive stockholding so that we can meet customer demands for rapid delivery and short waiting times.

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Our product portfolio consists of production preparation, drawing, nesting (optimum division of plates) and coding, preparation of information and data for cutting machines, and of course the actual cutting activities. From 2004, we have also provided pressing and forming activities. We also have a wood milling machine which we use in production of pressing and building templates which are used for example in the construction of polyester boats. 

In 2008, we expanded our activities further by entering a collaboration with ProNautec, which supplies tailor-made profiles for the yacht and ship-building industry. 

At the moment, we are collaborating with various parties in the development of a fully automatic milling cell for processing aluminium sheet materials, which will be operational by mid-2010. 

In brief, Snijtechniek-Brabant has grown into an experienced, progressive and innovative complete supplier which puts the emphasis on professionalism, flexibility and quality!


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